Featured Overview Enhance Your Business Listing

Get access to premium features for your listing by simply purchasing a plan and stay ahead of the game.

1. Review Listing Stats

After creating your account you’ll be taken to your User Dashboard. This will be your personal hub to analyze critical data which will provide important insights about daily user views, leads and rating stats to low rating alerts.

You’ll be able to:

 Monitor recent activity
 Gain insights about user views on your listings
 Access customer leads
 Keep tabs on your listing reviews

2. Make Announcements

Give consumers a heads up on your lastest deals or promotions and get them to take action by utilizing our call to action features such as:

 Book Now
 Buy Tickets
 Contact Us
 Claim Offer
 Request Quote
 Join Now
 Learn More
 Print Coupon
 Reserve Now
 Schedule Appointment

3. Lead Generation & Reviews

Lead forms are a good way for potential customers to get in touch with you directly through your listing.

Contact forms are only enabled for paid listings allowing our subscribers to quickly and easily generate potential leads. All enquirers sent via this form will appear in your Dashboard Inbox. You can reply to messages directly from within your message centre when a lead is generated via the lead forms.

Your Review Center provides you with easy access to all reviews left on your listings, empowering you to keep control of feedback provided.

Customers will also be able to:

 Add rating, write a review & edit their review.
 Vote on other users’ comment.
 Give detailed insight to their experience by uploading an image.

4. Listing Maintenance & Management

It is important to ensure that your listings’ information is as detailed and up-to-date as possible for the convenience of your consumers, the more they know about you listing the more likely it is for the right person to contact you.

Your User Dashboard provides you with all the tools you need to create and manage your listings.

In your dashboard you’ll be able to:

 View all your active, pending and expired listings.
 Upgrade or downgrade any of your listings at any time.
 Edit your listings so that they remain up to date and engaging.

5. Menu Management System

The menu management system allows business owners to create their own menu with different Typesand Groups.

Share your business menu such as restaurant menu. You can upload multiple pages of the menu in image format.

This option can also bring marketing offers, indicating discount prices to users that get in contact with your business through the directory, and you can change strategies every time when needed.

6. Event Management

Promote your upcoming events using the Event Promotion Option.
Listing your event is as easy as completing the New Event form and selecting or completing all required data fields. Once saved, your event will appear on your listing page.

If you use an event booking system on your own website or a third-party system such as EventBrite, you can simply link to these platforms or purchase our ticketing bundle for ticket purchases.

With the events option enabled you’ll be able to:

 View attendees of your event even without ticket bundle.
 Have others share your event on social media platforms.
 Add additional details of your event.
 Provide third-party link to purchase event tickets.

7. Ad Campaigns

Create and manage Ad Campaigns to attract new customers.

Generate more leads with Targeted Advertising on many locations throughout the site. From home page ads to listing details page, get seen by the right people.

Ads can be displayed on the home page above the fold, listing details sidebar and of course in the search result with organic results.

Display your ads to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location using Random Ads, Listing Detail Page Ads, Search and Taxonomy Ads and Targeted Advertising.

8. Coupons, Discounts & Deals

Get consumers excited with special deals and offers! Promote your discounts by providing and displaying access to unlimited deal coupons on your listing page to your visitors.

Set countdown times to create a sense of urgency. Showcase in various style and positions to best fit your need.

Discount Coupons and Deals are easy to create, simply select Discounts/Deals from your dashboard and complete the online form.

 Create coupon codes for each of your listings.
 Set Start and End date for coupon promotions.
 Set an external link to coupon button.
 Upload a featured image for your coupons.

9. Appointment Booking

Premium listings are equipped with a convenient appointment booking feature that will allow business owners to set appointments directly on their listing page and have customers choose an available booking date.

Appointment Booking feature comes in two (2) types of views, Month view and Daily View.

 Setup appointment feature for each of your listings.
 Visitors choose a date for their appointment.
 Business owner gets notified on their user dashboard and email.
 Customer receives confirmation email notifying them of date and time.